Consulting / Education / audit workShusuke Hirano, Ph.D., CPA. CPTA



Shusuke Hirano

More than 30 years have passed since I became a CPA. I am grateful for the many opportunities given and, through them, the experience garnered in those years, experience that includes consulting services on accounting and taxation, the supervision of statutory audits, IPO support, agent for tax matters, lecturer in training programs, and more.

Along the way I studied tax laws and family business theory. In recognition of those studies and actual work experience, I was granted a PhD in 2014.

I now believe it is time that I use my experience and the benefits of my study to help further the prosperity of my clients. I will continue my study of law and business, building on what I have learned so far.

I will always be forward-looking and confident of surviving difficult times hand-in-hand with my clients. That is my life’s blessing.

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Personal profileShusuke Hirano

Passed the second-stage examination for CPA (in Japan)
Graduated from Department of Accounting, College of Commerce, Nihon University
Showa Auditing Corporation (until 1986)
Passed the third-stage examination for CPA (in Japan), officially registered as a CPA
Yokoyama Accounting Firm (until 1991)
Officially registered as a Certified Public Tax Accountant
Senior Partner, Shimbashi & Co. (until 2014)
Established Hirano CPA Firm (currently active)
Senior Partner, Kyodo Tax, Co.
Completed the Business Science Course at Chuo Graduate School of Strategic Management
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Chuo University
Senior Partner, PKF Shiodome Partners Tax Corporation (currently active)


  • Consulting

    The Firm has provided clients with comprehensive consulting services tailored to individual organizations for many years:

    1. 1Accounting consulting with full consideration to both accounting and tax regulations

      Accounting tasks have recently expanded to require increasingly high levels of specialty; so too have those for tax matters. Generally speaking, fewer and fewer firms address both accounting and tax regulations in their consulting services. We are one of the few firms to provide clients with opinions that address both, based on our cumulative know-how in the auditing and taxation fields.

    2. 2Consulting for organizations that are not stock companies

      Organizations that are not stock companies include unions, foundations, incorporated associations, NPOs, and the like. The environment surrounding these organizations differs from that surrounding ordinary stock companies –in terms of legal frameworks, for instance. In these organizations, people act under principles that differ from those in ordinary stock companies. Being aware of the difference, the Firm provides these organizations with opinions tailored to a different viewpoint from that for ordinary stock companies.

    3. 3Consulting for family businesses

      Although a family business involves complicated relationships between the business, management, and family, its organizational style enjoys a high reputation in the USA and European countries; it is regarded as profitable, lasting, and stable in terms of employment. Incorporating the results of Shusuke's study of American and European family businesses, the Firm provides clients with all-inclusive opinions on establishing the business foundation, methods of training family members, and the procedures for handling inheritance and related tax considerations.

    Upon request, Shusuke will write an opinion paper as a PhD on any of the above categories. The Firm will continue to deliver services using a Thinking in System approach based on advanced levels of judgment.

  • Support for training

    The Firm has been supporting training programs for a number of organizations—particularly central authorities, universities, and the JA Group—dispatching lecturers for their own training curricula and planning and implementing our original training programs. In addition to Shusuke Hirano, the Firm boasts a number of CPAs with excellent lecturing skills. Past program themes are listed below. Most lectures use PowerPoints with materials distributed to the participants. Beyond lectures, the programs include hours of group discussions and other hands-on activities.

    • 1.Business Analysis and Managerial Accounting
    • 2.Accounting and Taxation Regarding Bad Debts
    • 3.Family Business and Innovation
    • 4.Case Studies on Business Inheritance
    • 5.Financial Accounting (Including Bookkeeping)
    • 6.The Corporation Tax Law and the Consumption Tax Law
  • Investigation on auditing and financial affairs

    In October 2014, the Firm restarted its investigation service regarding auditing and financial affairs. The Firm responds to a wide range of needs—financial investigation for supporting corporate rehabilitation, due diligence for M&A, and more.